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Nepal Sheet Paper

Napal Paper

Nepalese Lokta Papers

This is an ECO-friendly paper made from the fibers of the Daphne shrub / Lokta bush, and hand crafted using traditional techniques, Lokta paper comes in a variety of colors with a wide range of uses. Used in religious text since the 12th century A.D., Lokta papers are still being used today in all Nepalese legal documents.

Several styles and colors of paper are available. Pinto / Lokta paper mix 2 colors to provide a mottled effect. Sun washing causes discoloration patterns that make each sheet unique there are also solid colors and silk screened varieties available. These papers are also excellent for origama

Note: this paper is not recommended for Quilling paper strips and should not be cut and used for the traditional paper shapes it will not act the same as regular Quilling paper will. It is recommended in the enhancement of your Quilling art and craft projects. Also note that not all international papers are acid free. If your art or paper craft project requires that you have acid free paper. Check the paper specifications in advance of using the paper to see if it will need to be sprayed with an acid neutralization spray before using the paper. At this time we do not stock the neutralization spray. The spray I recommend to keep your beautiful art looking beautiful and acid free is the Krylon brand spray called Make It Acid-Free.

Nepalese Lokta Paper Sunset/Orange
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Nepalese Lokta Sheet Paper Apple Green
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