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Mexico Sheet Paper

Mexico Paper

Mexican Amate Bark Papers

3000 year old handmade process results in this unique Mexican Amate paper. The Otomi Indians use the same methods as their ancestors to create this amazing paper. This highly prized paper is used in religious and legal text as well as a canvas for art. Because each sheet of the Amate Bark paper is handcrafted it will have slight variations in weight, color and size. It comes in a wide variety of desirable colors and shapes. Colors will range from very light to very dark with no two sheets of paper being the same. The non-woven acid free paper is perfect for printing as well as layering as an embellishment for your Quilled art cards and gifts.    

Note: this paper is not recommended for Quilling paper strips and should not be cut and used for the traditional paper shapes it will not act the same as regular Quilling paper will. It is recommended in the enhancement of your Quilling art and craft projects.