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Japanese paper, also known as “Washi” paper is stronger than most other papers. It is excellent paper for use in layered Quilled art cards and crafts. Washi paper is made from a variety of sources, such as Hemp, Rice, Bamboo, Mulberry bush, Misumata shrub and fibers from the Gampi tree. Yuzen paper, also called Chiyogami paper is derived from a handmade Mulberry/Kozo base. Echizen Washi and Ginwashi paper are generally used for writing. Ethereal paper, lightweight tissue, have color translucency, allowing light to shine through. Washi paper is excellent for embellishing a Quilled card for that special gift or adding to your art or craft project.    

Note: this paper is not recommended for Quilling paper strips and should not be cut and used for the traditional paper shapes it will not act the same as regular Quilling paper will. It is recommended in the enhancement of your Quilling art and craft projects. Also note that not all international papers are acid free. If your art or paper craft project requires that you have acid free paper. Check the paper specifications in advance of using the paper to see if it will need to be sprayed with an acid neutralization spray before using the paper. At this time we do not stock the neutralization spray. The spray I recommend to keep your beautiful art looking beautiful and acid free is the Krylon brand spray called Make It Acid-Free.       

Japanese Ethereal Paper Pink
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Japanese Ethereal Paper Sky Blue
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Japanese Ethereal Paper Spearmint
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Japanese Yuzen Paper Jasmine
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