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Japanese Origami Paper

Origami Paper

Origami Paper

The Perfect Foldable Paper

Nepalese Lokta paper, Thai Kozo paper and Thai Momi paper are excellent choices for Origami. Due to the durability and flexibility achieved from the long plant fibers used in the manufacturing process. Japanese Chiyogami / Yuzen paper provides intricate silk screened patterns for special projects a paper dolls. This paper is also amazing for a layered look to enhance your Quilling and art projects. Experiment a little you are only limited by your own imagination. Note: this paper is not recommended for Quilling paper strips and should not be cut and used for the traditional paper shapes it will not act the same as regular Quilling paper will. It is recommended in the enhancement of your Quilling art and craft projects.
Chiyogami Origami
Product ID : AIFLC200D5
Japanese Origami Paper
Product ID : YT4407U8
Kyoyuzen Chiyogami
Product ID : AIKYZ300Q5
Origami Chiyog Paper
Product ID : YAS4315
Origami Flowers & Birds
Product ID : CCO98629
Origami Folk Art Astd
Product ID : YAS4344
Origami Metallic Paper
Product ID : YAS4403
Origami Paper Astd
Product ID : YAS4105