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Free Moravian Star Instructions

Free Moravian Star Instructions


 Star Size

Image contributed by Origami Resource Center


We will be using the ½”  wide paper for our demonstration. We are also using different color strips so it will make it easy for you to see the instructions. Use scraps of paper to practice with before attempting to use your good paper strips. Once you are confident that you have it,make your stars with the paper of your choosing.


1. You can use precut paper strips or you can cut out eight 1/2" wide strips that are 12” long.


2. Glue the ends of two strips together overlaping about 1/2". Let the strips dry. You will now have four strips that are about twenty three inches long.  


3. Then cut both ends of each of the four strip at a diagonal to form a point at the end as shown below. This will help you thread the paper in the pockets.


 Color Star One

 4. Lay two strips out vertically in front of you. in the middle of the strips, place a third strip over the first vertical strip and under the second strip. Take the last strip and weave under the first vertical strip and over the second vertical strip. Tighten the strips by gently tuging on them until they feel tight. See illustration below. You are just weaving them together.

  Color Star Two

5.Fold down the top left strip. See illustration below

  Color Star Three

 6.Fold the left strip over. See illustration below

Color Star Four

 7. Fold the bottom strip up. See illustration below

Color Star Five

8. Fold the right strip over, and insert through the pocket as shown in illustration below. Pull tight.

 Color Star Six

 9. Flip the star over and repeat steps 5 through 8.

10. Start with the top right strip. Fold it 90 degrees under itself to make a triangle. see illustration below.

Color Star Eight 

11. Fold the strip down to the front to form a triangle and crease. See illustration below.

Color Star Nine

12. Fold the triangle to the left and insert the tail into the pocket where the triangle started. See Illustration below.

Color Star Ten 

13.  Pull the strip tight and the point should look like this. See illustration below

Color Star Eleven

14. Turn the star 90 degrees counterclockwise, and repeat steps 10 through 13 for the three remaining tails. Pull tight. You now have four points. See illustration below.

Color Star Twelve  

15. Flip the star over repeate steps 10 through 13. You now have eight points. See illustration below.

Color Star thirteen

16. Start with the upper right strip, turn it on its self and feed it under the lower left strip. You will have to lift up the left strip. See illustration below.

Color Star Fourteen

17. The tail should be coming through the bottom point. When you pull the strip tight, it should form a point. See illustration below.

Color Star Fifteen

18. Rotate the star 90 segrees counterclockwise. Repeat step 16 and 17 on the other three remaining tails, working in a counterclockwise direction. You now should have four pointed cones. See illustration below.

Color Star Sixteen

19. Turn the star over and repeat steps 16 and 17. you again have four pointed cones. See illustration below.

Color Star Seventeen

20. to finish, cut off the excess paper tails. Note: you can cut them and fold and tuck them also. See finished star below

Color Star Eighteen 


Cover the ends of the paper strips in tape if it becomes hard to feed them through the pockets when making them. Note this tape will get cut off or tucked in when finished. If using wider or thinner paper strips, make sure to change the length accordingly. The wider the paper, the longer the strip should be. Use different colored or patterned paper to make the stars more interesting. Glitter can be applied to the stars when they are complete to mimic snow. You can add different color glitter for a different look. You can string them together for a garland or attach a string to the top and hang them on your tree as ornaments. You can also attach one to the top of a gift with a note telling the recipient that the star is a reusable handmade ornament from you. The possibilities are endless. If you don’t see the color of paper or the size you want just ask and we will get it for you.   

Paper Width 

Minimum Length 

Final Size of Star 













Shown below is a very good step-by-step instruction by the artist Jennifer Evers, where she shows you in detail how to make the Moravian Star. Once you learn it, you will never forget it!