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Price: $99.00
Product ID : AUS-8523
Manufacturer: Jonathan Mayne
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The Quilling Fringer Has Just Got Better

Once again retired Australian printer, Jonathan Mayne and his friend Peter Maries, University graduate Engineer have developed an even better fringer. Jonathan had in mind the exact specifications this fringer had to meet.
  • It must be safe for little fingers
  • It must be reliable and work first time, every time.
  • The paper must never get stuck in transit.
  • It must handle paper 6mm (1/4”) to (18mm) 3/4”
  • It must be easy to adjust.
  • It must be easy on arthritic hands,
Also Jonathan never wanted anyone calling to say, “My fringer doesn’t work”.

Working together, Peter and Jonathan achieved all this and more. The all new “Safety Fringer” with the added features of enclosed blades for an International safety rating and easy adjustment from 18 to 6mm capacity.

Engineered from carefully chosen hi-tech synthetic materials this fringer is like no other. It is light, strong, reliable and smooth in operation, easy on the hands, no more frustrations trying to thread the paper through and getting it stuck. It has rubber feet that won’t scratch and the adjustment tool clips on underneath so it won’t get lost. This is a must have fringer

The setting for differing width papers is achieved by adjusting the screw underneath the fringer to set the blade closure to suit. The distance between cuts (pitch) is made using the allen key supplied via the notch at the opposite end to the blades. Turn clockwise for fine fringing, counter-clockwise to increase the fringe pitch.

Like all fringers, to achieve even fringing it is important to take the handle through a full arc of movement with each cut. You should hear a firm click at the bottom of each stroke and a softer sound at the top when operating your fringer correctly.

IMPORTANT: There are two star screws on the main arm of your fringer. They have absolutely no adjustment function. DO NOT unscrew either or your fringer may need to be returned and completely re-assembled. Adjustments should only be made with the allen key provided.

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